Damn Sugar-Free Lies…

Everyone is talking about SUGAR.
We need to cut down. Yeah, we know. We know.

This kind of thing doesn’t help though…


Sugar Free sweet recipes? Oh Yes! This is BRILLIANT! Or is it?

No matter what form sugar takes, whether its plain old caster sugar, agave or maple syrup, honey or dried fruits, sugar is sugar and has the same effect on our bodies.

It’s pretty impossible to write a truly sugar free recipe. All fruit contain sugar, but we can really cut back by combining very small amounts of these unrefined sugars with new age natural sweet hits like Stevia.

‘Sugar free’ recipe books, like those of Davina and ‘healthy’ cook books such as Deliciously Ella, are not ‘sugar-free’ at all.

To give you an example, below is a recipe for Davina’s ‘sugar free’ Brownies.

This recipe in actual fact contains 325g of sugar in the form of honey and maple syrup – that’s more than 80 teaspoons. 80. That means each brownie contains more than 5 teaspoons of sugar i.e. not in the least bit sugar-free. The maximum RDA (recommended daily allowance) for an adult is 6 teaspoons and for a child, 4 teaspoons.


While I understand the attraction of labeling these recipes ‘sugar-free’ it is a lie.

To give you an example of how my recipes differ, a similar recipe to Davina’s Brownies for my chocolate torte:


contains only 15g of sugar – less than 4 teapoons in the whole torte which works out as 2g of sugar per generous slice (around half a teaspoon).

Recipes out there now purporting to be sugar-free are inaccurate and extremely misleading. These recipes simply aren’t what they say they are and have a negative impact on people’s health.

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