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Flourless Oat Pancakes with Sugar Free Salted Caramel

Imagine porridge, but packed with protein. This isn’t my usual grain free, low carb breakfast as it contains oats, BUT for those who can handle a few carbs here and there and especially for kids, this is a wonderful recipe. It’s what I feed my daughter for breakfast at least a couple of days a week. Even on school days. It’s quick and so much better than…

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Cauliflower Houmous

I miss houmous. I can’t really eat chick peas, I do have them from time to time but I suffer from slightly swollen eyes and lips and an itchy throat when I do. I actually have an allergy to all legumes. Haricot beans are the worst. It’s annoying. But if you follow a ketogenic diet or paleo or are just trying to be low carb, starchy legumes…

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Sweet Vanilla biscuit Swirl with an Orange-Blossom Honey Cream Dip

This is a fabulous invention! Between a biscuit and a Spanish churros. The biscuits are cooked in ghee! (They don’t absorb the oil at all and so are completely grease-free, but take on a wonderful flavour through this method of cooking.) They work beautifully dipped in the orange blossom honey cream, and pair perfectly with a Ruby Thai Oolong Tea Makes 6 biscuits. Ingredients: 20g Water 50g…

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Low Sugar Pear Tarte Tatin with Hot Chocolate Sauce

This is low sugar, gluten free and grain free and includes the easiest pastry you will ever make!   You will need a frying pan that you can also put into the oven. (So one where the handle doesn’t melt!) Pre-heat your oven to 170C Ingredients: For the ‘Pastry’ 60g Ground Almonds 60g Tapioca Flour (Also called Cassava flour/starch) 120ml Coconut Milk For the Pears 4 Ripe…

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Low Sugar Steamed Ginger Sponge with Bay Infused Chocolate Custard

There’s a slight chill in the air. The leaves are turning. Autumn makes me think about weekend family lunches, especially the classic roast. Plenty of crunchy roast potatoes with fluffy centres and the occasional Yorkshire pudding if you are very, very lucky, followed by something stodgy with custard. Heaven. Except for the unbelievably heavy bowling ball that appears in the pit of your stomach upon finishing your…

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