Flourless Oat Pancakes with Sugar Free Salted Caramel

Imagine porridge, but packed with protein. This isn’t my usual grain free, low carb breakfast as it contains oats, BUT for those who can handle a few carbs here and there and especially for kids, this is a wonderful recipe.

It’s what I feed my daughter for breakfast at least a couple of days a week. Even on school days. It’s quick and so much better than cereal. Fat, protein and oats. What could be better?

Using just 2 ingredients (plus a splash of water, and some butter to fry them) these are easy peasy and so so good for your little ones to start their day well.

The salted caramel sauce does follow my keto/low carb high fat diet. It is completely delicious and easy to make, perfect occasional treat.


First make the sauce, this will keep in a closed container in the fridge for a good week or two (I pop it in old almond butter jars.)Occasionally it crystallises in the jar if left for a few days, if this happens – just give it 30 secs in the microwave and a good stir and magically it will return to its former glory.



Salted Caramel Sauce

100g Xylitol

200ml Double Cream

1/4-1/2 tsp salt (according to taste)


Sprinkle the xylitol granules into a medium sized saucepan (with high sides as this really bubbles up once you add the cream) over a medium heat.

Heat without stirring until completely melted. It may look like it is smoking a little, don’t worry about this – it’s totally normal, it doesn’t burn.

Add the double cream, and stir a little to combine.

The mixture will then bubble up (it is extremely hot so be careful) continue to cook until a light caramel colour is obtained. It will take about 5-7 mins of continual vigorous bubbling. After a couple of minutes, the bubbles will subside a little, give it a very careful and gentle stir and continue to cook stirring until the desired caramel hue is achieved.


Remove from the heat and allow to cool a little, then add the salt (to taste).

You can serve this immediately with your pancakes or store in a sealed jar in the fridge. It will keep for a good couple of weeks.


Next the pancakes. You will need some sort of blender – something akin to a Nutribullet or something similar.



Makes about 5-6 small crêpe style pancakes

60g Oats (I use Gluten Free Oats)

2 eggs

60ml water or milk or a nut milk of your choice.

Small pinch of salt



  1. Put all the ingredients for the pancakes in your blender.
  2. Whizz until finely blended.
  3. Heat your frying pan and pop a blob of butter into it until it bubbles.
  4. Give the pancake mix a stir, and pour a little into the pan and give it a swirl, these are crêpe style pancakes – not thick American ones, so make sure you don’t add too much to the pan.
  5. Fry until brown and turn over to brown the other side. Keep warm in the oven whilst you make the rest. Serve warm with salted caramel sauce.
  6. Yum.





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