About Kate

Kate was lucky enough to have appeared on The Great British Bake Off 

It has totally changed her life. Once it all calmed down she retrained as a professional chef at Leiths in London and LOVED it!

She now works as a private chef, creating unique fine dining experiences for her clients.

You can book her for your party – big or small here


All menus are bespoke but do have a look at some sample menus here

Or book a lesson with her at her home in Brighton here

But she leads a double life…Kate chooses a low carb diet, which makes her feel 21 again!

She’s never hungry, never has to worry about her weight and eats very, very tasty food.

Find her recipes here

Kate’s journey to here has taken some interesting twists and turns and now she finally feels she’s doing what she truly loves.

She has learnt so much and can’t wait to show you.