About Kate

About Kate

Kate was on The Great British Bake Off

She’s now a trained chef and you can BOOK HER FOOD for your event or her COOKERY CLASSES in Brighton or Let her help you Lose weight or get healthy with a low carb programme.


I am an utterly obsessed cook.

I am fascinated by every detail of providing a wonderful experience for those eating the food I make.

I don’t cut corners, use poor produce, or look for easy alternatives.

I aim to create the very best food I can and that always means going the extra mile.

I find joy in elevating a plate of food from ordinary to extraordinary, ensuring it is flavourful and carefully balanced. I love playing with sweet, salty, acidic, spiced and umami flavours and my recipes and menus reflect this. I’m a huge pickle addict – don’t tell anyone.

I’m pretty hot on allergens, special diets and food trends. I can adapt recipes really well and refuse to compromise on flavour, texture or appearance. You should try my gluten free (actually grain free) Yorkshire puddings – they freeze like a dream…

I’ve been extremely lucky, I’ve been given wonderful opportunities.

I teach cookery classes, write recipes for books and magazines, work with brands on new products, host pop-up supper clubs, afternoon teas and short restaurant residencies in pop-up spaces. I work with some wonderful chefs and meet incredible people all the time.

I finally bowed to the inevitable and signed up to the famous Leiths Professional Diploma in Food and Wine in London to really learn the  true art of cooking.

Leiths is a highly intense culinary course, very thorough and pretty incredible. I put all I had into it and staggered out with distinctions in every category. I also hold qualifications in wine too – WSET Level 2 award in Wines and Spirits

My journey to here has taken some interesting twists and turns and now I finally feel I’m doing what I truly love.

I have learnt so much. I can’t wait to show you.


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