Sample Menus

All menus are bespoke but as an indication of the type of food I cook for parties here are a couple of sample menus.


Whipped Smoked Salmon Mousse

Beetroot Syrup Pikelets topped with a Dill Crumb

Basil Labneh

Seedy Crackers topped with Spiced Sweet Pickled Peach

Wine Matches: These canapés will go well with any sparkling wine of your choice, but a current favourite of mine is the local Ridgeview Bloomsbury NV Brut. Local and traditionally made using the champagne method, it is truly delicious.

This is my current summer menu for a sit down 3/4 course meal, cooked at your home for your guests. Prices start at around £60/head depending on party size.


Ham Hock, Pistachio & Sour Cherry Terrine

Warm Black Treacle Rye Rolls (V)


Rainbow Vegetable Terrine (V)

Wine Matches: Chardonnay is a great match here, or you could go with a Reisling or a White Zinfandel. You could go ‘off piste’ here and choose a cider instead of wine. If you do choose a cider, go with an off-dry one with almost no fizz.


Roasted Crispy Duck

Apple & Fennel

Almond & Ale Cream

Pickled Blackberries

Pescatarian option – Roasted Cod

Wine Matches: My favourite with this dish is a Pinot Noir, try a fruity one from Chile. Alternatively a Beaujolais would work well here too.


Miso Treacle Tart

Cardamom Cream

Wine Matches: A classic Tokaji or a Muskat from Beaumes De Venice would be perfect with the treacle.

Drop Off Summer Brunch Canapé Menu


Spiced Bloody/Virgin Mary Shot
Avocado Cup

This is a homemade, spiced Bloody Mary recipe (served with or without vodka) in tall shot glasses, with a crostini ‘cup’ filled with dressed avocado. (Vegetarian)

Beetroot Pikelet, Whipped Smoked Salmon Mousse, Dill Crumb

Homemade beetroot infused pikelets topped with a light-as-air whipped smoked salmon mousse and a crunchy dill crumb topping. (Pesc.)

Waffle Bites, Whipped Maple Butter, Coconut Bacon

This is vegetarian alternative to the classic American combination of maple syrup and bacon. These waffles bites can be served warm or room temp. The ‘coconut bacon’ is wonderful with just the right umami and smoke flavours to take care of any vegetarian’s bacon cravings. (Vegetarian)

Purple Power Breakfast Smoothie, Granola Breakfast Biscuit

Served in individual mini milk bottles together with striped paper straws, this delicious deep purple berry smoothie, made with almond milk, almond butter and berries, is served alongside a deliciously oaty granola biscuit. (Vegan)

Black Pudding Sausage Rolls, Spiced Apple Ketchup

These are delicious hot or cold and perfect with a seasonal spiced apple ketchup

French Toast Bites, Greek Yogurt, Peach, Balsamic Syrup

Light as air brioche French toast topped with thick and creamy Greek yogurt, a slice of peach & a drizzle of balsamic syrup. (Vegetarian)

Drop Off Summer Canapés Sample Menu £12/head

Tea Smoked Mackerel, Pickled Beetroot & Horseradish Cream Crostini Cups

Individual pastry cups filled with horseradish cream, lightly tea smoked mackerel and topped with home-pickled beetroot.

Whipped Labneh Shots, Coriander Oil, Hazelnut Grissini

Shot glasses filled with a homemade whipped Labneh cheese drizzled with a brightly coloured, fresh coriander oil, served with a crunchy homemade hazelnut encrusted grissini stick to dip

Pecorino & Black Sesame Shortbreads, Basil Mascarpone, Caramelised Onions

Delicious little Pecorino shortbread rounds topped with basil infused mascarpone cheese and deeply sweet caramelised onions

Almond Cake, Raspberry Cream, Candied Orange

Individual Almond Cakes topped with a raspberry icing and a candied orange shard.

Lemon Meringue Profiteroles

Delicious choux buns filled with a punchy homemade lemon curd and topped with toasted Italian meringue.

Summer 4 Course Sample Dining Menu £48/head (price includes service, staff and clean-up at your chosen venue)


Beetroot Cured Salmon with Beetroot Paté,

Cucumber Pickle,

Rye Bread & Whipped Lemon and Dill Butter


Main Course

Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Black Pudding

Honey Poached Rhubarb

Summer Pea Purée

Pea Tendrills

Pistachio Crumb



Vanilla and Black pepper Ice cream

White Chocolate and Strawberry Ganache

Crushed Meringue

Basil Sponge



 Cheese Course

Overflowing sharing platters filled with: A Selection of Homemade Crackers,

3 Cheeses (1 soft & stinky, 1x soft & blue 1x flavoursome & hard)

Honey Drizzled Fresh Figs


Selection of Homemade Pickles – Pickled Radish Cornichon, Pickled Peaches

Homemade Apple and Date Chutney

Garnished with Fresh Edible Flowers & Leaves