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Low Carb Main Meals

Cauliflower Houmous

I miss houmous. I can’t really eat chick peas, I do have them from time to time but I suffer from slightly swollen eyes and lips and an itchy throat when I do. I actually have an allergy to all legumes. Haricot beans are the worst. It’s annoying. But if you follow a ketogenic diet or paleo or are just trying to be low carb, starchy legumes…

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Lamb Koftas

These are wonderful. If you don’t put too much chilli in them, kids will love them too. Personally, I’d keep them all to myself and double the chilli (and garlic!). You can use beef instead of lamb if that’s all you have.   Makes about 10 large koftas. Ingredients: 400-500g lamb mince (you could also use beef) 3 cloves garlic – crushed ½ onion finely diced (or grated or lazily…

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Salmon & Spinach Tart with Low Carb Pie Crust

I love a tart. Pastry and my tummy don’t get on too well. I’m not coeliac, I just don’t feel great after eating flour. So pastry – although I make it often for clients, has had to change. I am a low carb convert. I fall off the wagon occasionally but I reckon I’m 90% there with food that makes me feel wonderful inside and out. The first time I…

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Carrot Gnocchi – Delicious Fluffy Pillows of Joy

OMG Carrot bloomin’ gnocchi is incredible. I’ve experimented on your behalf and these are astoundingly good. Extreme comfort food but without any flour! You will need: 400g trimmed and peeled CARROTS – get the best you can here. They are the hero of the dish… 1 tablespoon OLIVE OIL 1 knob BUTTER (for the onions) SALT and freshly ground BLACK PEPPER 1 SHALLOT or half a medium sized ONION –…

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Autumn Orange Tahini & Red Cabbage Salad

This is a brilliant salad to have for lunch, alongside some grilled meat ot halloumi and great to pre-mix and take to work or school as a packed lunch. It’s filling, healthy, easy to make and really, really tasty. The tahini and orange zest dressing is lovely and really well balanced with the vinegar and rice syrup. The orange segments add a lovely sharp sweetness, – if…

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