Autumn Orange Tahini & Red Cabbage Salad

This is a brilliant salad to have for lunch, alongside some grilled meat ot halloumi and great to pre-mix and take to work or school as a packed lunch.
It’s filling, healthy, easy to make and really, really tasty.
The tahini and orange zest dressing is lovely and really well balanced with the vinegar and rice syrup. The orange segments add a lovely sharp sweetness, – if you wanted to make it even sweeter, you could also add raisins. For me though, it’s sweet enough. The salad has a great crunch to it and the toasted almonds and linseeds add extra crunch as well as extra protein and the sumac adds an extra citrus flavour.
This quantity makes 3 whole lunch portions.
Zest of one large orange
15ml Tahini
45ml Cider Vinegar
15ml rice/date syrup – I used brown rice syrup but any sweet syrup could be used, even honey.
6g sea salt
20ml Mild Olive oil
To make the salad:
50g Cooked and cooled Rice Noodles or 60g brown rice – (uncooked weight) cooked and cooled.
Segments of one large orange
70g Cavolo Nero, thick stems removed, shredded. (you can also use kale)
150g Red cabbage – shredded
20g Golden linseeds – toasted
30g Flaked Almonds – toasted
2 tsp Sumac If you don’t have this- just leave it out. it does add a nice citrus bite so great if you have it, no drama fi you don’t!
  1. Make the dressing first, just mix everything together and set aside.
  2. Then chop your salad ingredients.
  3. Soak your rice noodles according to the instructions, then rinse well in cold water.
  4. Segment your orange, toast the almonds – be careful here – they burn really easily!
  5. Mix everything well and the great thing about this – is that the salad won’t go soggy even if you mix the dressing with it and leave it for a day or two. Its a brilliant make in advance
Here’s the noodle version… It’s just a quick snap on my phone. Nothing fancy, but gives an idea of colour and texture. (Before I demolished the lot.)

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