Low Sugar Chocolate Chip Blondies GF Low Carb

My gorgeous daughter doesn’t like chocolate brownies. I know. Weird.

So I promised I would make some blondies for her. They are very low in sugar and totally delicious. No gluten- (actually no grains at all which keeps them very low in carbs) low in sugar – about 1/2 tsp per slice.

This recipe is LCHF, (low carb, high fat) it’s delicious. Totally.

This is a similar recipe to the pistachio brownies but without all the cocoa. Less grown up, utterly yummy.

Here’s the simple but perfect recipe.



170g Very soft Butter – use salted or unsalted, if you use unsalted, add a pinch to the recipe – it brings out the sweetness.

50g Brown Rice Syrup – if you don’t have this- use any syrup you’ve got – even Golden works well.

80g Truvia (supermarket bought stevia based sweetener – by Silver Spoon. Stevia is a brilliant sweetener. Nothing like the aspartame nightmares of the past…

3 eggs

230g Ground Almonds or Ground pistachios

1 tsp baking powder

50g dark chocolate finely chopped – I use 80% but 70% is OK – just slightly more sugar.





  1. Beat the very soft butter with the trivia and syrup until light and fluffy,
  2. Add one egg at a time, whip between additions, (don’t let it curdle – but if it does, not worries, just a slightly more dense blondie will be the result…)
  3. Fold in the Ground Almonds and the baking powder
  4. Then fold in the chopped chocolate
  5. Dollop into a lined brownie tin, 8x10inch tin works best…
  6. Bake at 160 fan for 20-23 minutes
  7. Cut into 16 slices!


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