Truly Sugar Free Quick Chocolate Fudge

These wonderfully smooth extremely healthy, quick and simple fudge squares are just answer to your sweet cravings.

The inclusion of nuts, coconut oil makes this treat super healthy with absolutely no sugar, perfect with your cuppa. The kids will be fighting you for them too!

Full of nuts which are an excellent source of protein and high in lauric acid from the coconut oil which contains medium chain tryglycerides, reported to lower blood glucose levels, (among hundreds of other amazing health benefits).

If you prefer a fudge that doesn’t taste too ‘coconutty’, choose a coconut oil that doesn’t have a strong flavour, generally the extra virgin brands are richer in coconut flavour,  try a few out to see what you prefer.

Of course you can add whole nuts and raisins too if you like, I’ve kept this version simple so that it is truly sugar free don’t forget, even dried fruits contain lots of sugar but also if you do choose to share it with your kids, they won’t be tempted to pick bits out!!! (Dont you just hate that?)

These are so easy, you just need a saucepan and 5 minutes to spare.

They can also be transformed into a delicious energy bar, I popped a small handful of chopped dates into the mix and wrapped the squares individually in baking paper and gave them to my boyfriend who wanted a healthy energy bar for a full cycling day. He loved them.

The recipe below makes a fairly small batch, obviously you can double it if you like!

To make this fudge bar, you will need:

100g Coconut Oil

30g Cocoa Powder

60ml Coconut milk/cream – the tinned type is perfect.

2 Tablespoons Sukrin Icing sugar – I get mine from Ocado click the link, it’ll take you there. If you must, you can substitute it for any unrefined sugar in like-for-like quantities, don’t be afraid to experiment.

30g Ground Almonds


Melt the coconut oil in a saucepan over a low heat

Remove from the heat and add all the other ingredients to the saucepan and stir, once combined, go in with a whisk and whisk for a minute of two until it is thick and fudgey.

Transfer to a small square tin – lined with baking paper and smooth out, pop in the fridge to set for at least an hour.

Cut into squares and serve with a cuppa!


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